7 Best Apps for Android Phones That Will Pay You Real Money



You must have understood this from our list, but we’ll say it nevertheless: nowadays you don’t need much to make money – just a phone. Here’s one more example of that: the app called Scoopshot. The app is going to pay money to people for taking pictures whenever something happens in your area. Later your images will be utilized by some journalists or bloggers at a different scale.

This idea seems brilliant, but the key is to be prepared to act as a journalist pretty much at any time – something interesting can happen with you at any given moment. If you want to download Scoopshot, click this link.


Being healthy would have been so much easier if someone just gave you money for exercising, right? How unfortunate that it’s not possible. Or is it?

We present to you a great fitness app which is called Pact. It’s available not only for Android but also iOS. The way it works is this: you place your health-related goals based on your abilities, and when you reach those goals, you will get some money for them.

Where’s the catch, you’re asking? Well, if it so happens that you fail to do what you’ve established as your goal, you will lose some money, and it will be paid to more successful users.

If you’re sure that you can live up to your own fitness expectations, download Pact, and see if your willpower is strong enough!


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