How to Share Your Phone Safely with Others


There will be individuals who want to borrow your phone, from your nephew who wants to play games for a few minutes to a buddy who wants to see your holiday photos to a stranger who has to make a call.

When you consider everything your phone provides you access to social media profiles, banking information, instant messenger discussions, images and videos you’d rather the world not see, and so on, that’s a significant privacy and security concern.

However, there are methods to give your phone to someone else without worrying about what they might do with it. You must ensure you’ve taken a few measures before the swap.

Android Phones

Open Settings and look for “Pin” in the search bar. At the bottom, you’ll see a screen pinning option. Enable the option and launch the app you wish to bookmark.

Consider Android’s guest mode if you want to take extra precautions or frequently lend your cellphone to a friend or relative. This feature allows a regular phone borrower to have their user account, complete with separate apps, browser settings, and other features.

Consider how computers may host multiple users, each with its own set of preferences, files, and layout. The guest mode on your Android phone works similarly, and the person using it cannot access your account or files unless you unlock your device.

To access guest mode, go to Settings, System, Multiple users, and activate the switch. If someone frequently borrows your phone, you may offer them their own named account by tapping Add user. Otherwise, press Add Guest to return to a clean version of Android with no charges open.


This screen pinning function is known as Guided Access in the iOS ecosystem. To enable it, go to Settings, then Accessibility. Scroll down to the bottom to see Guided Access under the General Tab. Enable the option. Voice commands can also be simply saying “Hey Siri, Guided Access” from the app you want to use.

Now, open the app you wish to pin and hit the lock button three times. By drawing a closed box on the screen, you can disable a particular piece of the screen or prevent the user from shutting the app entirely by not selecting anything. Without the password, the person who is using the phone will be unable to exit the software. It also deactivates the notice.

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