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As the name suggests, ramo de flores a bunch of roses, yes, you heard me right.
Particularly ambiguous: here you must first remember Ramos de Rosas

On the positive side, pink is a color of joy and optimism.

When you live in the age of ecstasy, don’t we say « living in your little pink clouds »? Pink symbolizes romance, tenderness and softness. Tell us a cute and sweet story, like a « rose water » story, like a novel or a movie. The rose is also a childhood and it’s a young man at a doctor’s office. Gées, marshmallows and beard was in father.

At this opening, pink color in the 20th century … JOY → TIPS AND MAN OF THE CLASS S! If there is a temptation and a pink taboo, it points to a folding glory S * xu * LPE with a pink messaging that points to the film P * rn * pink, the world of unresolved toys.

When worn, it points to a pink ballet barre and a person able to promote their artistic carrier between these meetings. When it is exaggerated, the pink remembers the artificial paradise, … Elephant Rose!

« See Losa Life »! This is a tone for that thing to remind you to « not all pink ».
Make sure that pink libraries and pink documents are confused. Previously, the « meat color » (meat), naked, characteristic, intimate, and pink s * xu * lure are not so incredible.

Emblem of women? The recent Rose depicts the world of boys and boys who rose in the twentieth century, reminding them that they have just left the west since the 1940s. We almost think we’re girls. It may seem strange, but pink was a symbol of medieval male masculinity.

Later, due to romanticism in the 18th century, this red rose, which did not have the characteristics of martial arts, became a symbol of femininity.

Which flower characterizes love the most? According to the site Floristeria, the pink, which was intended to clearly show gender and even gender confusion, was used by n @ zis to indicate h * m * sexu @lity in concentration camps. … In the broadest sense, it was not without pejorative meaning, but before the community expressed it in the form of a flag with rainbow colors, a symbol of diversity and tolerance, h * m * s * xu @ lity.
From the slightly ridiculous soft pink to the flashy Fuskia pink, this « half-color » that no one is indifferent to is finally adorned with a clear effervescence!

Basic colors in the range : ramo de flores

Among the many shades of pink, you’ll notice magenta, the primary colors of yellow and cyan. Dark pink, which is not part of a single wavelength of the optical spectrum, is actually formed by the superposition of blue and red waves.

Good collection of Ramode Rosas 2022

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Why is ramo de flores strange? How many roses would you give? For aesthetic reasons (for example, to fit the shape of the bouquet), it is advisable to use an odd number of roses for a bouquet of less than 10 roses. You can also choose an even number because the bouquet is more ornate.

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